Agra Fort

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Agra is perhaps the most famous city of India, because of the famous Taj Mahal which can be found right in the city centre. But the white marble wonder of the world is not the only highlight in Agra. Also the sandstone Fort of Agra is an attraction. Just a few steps away from the Taj Mahal on the edge of the city you will find this impressive Mongolian structure.

Red Fort

The fort is on the UNESCO World Heritage site and has a fortified wall of 2,5 kilometres long. Because of its colour, it is also know as the “red fort”. Between 1565 and 1573 it was built by the Mogul emperor Akbar, from a now defunct Islamic civilization that was in power for more than 300 years in this region. The empire, which almost completely covered the Indian subcontinent was controlled for years from this fort after the emperor moved the capital from Delhi to Agra.

Wander around between the double walls of the fort, with beautiful gates, ancient imperial rooms, mosques and prayer halls, women’s quarters, courtyards in which elephant fights took place and geometric gardens. Besides sandstone you will also find beautiful marble buildings and rooms.

Agra Fort is located, just like the Taj Mahal next to the Yamuna River. From behind the walls you will have a view on the Taj Mahal. From this perspective it will look like the Taj Mahal is positioned in the middle of nature, because it reaches so high above the busy city.

There are many monkeys in the rooms which are not accessible to visitors. They like to come to the courtyards. Squirrels and parakeets have taken up residence in the fort as well.

Tip: buy a combination ticket that allows you to visit both the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort.