Eat Beef Pingyao in Yide Restaurant

Pingyao Beef in the Yide restaurant

Pingyao Beef is a creamy meat dish that is known across China, but traditionally is from Pingyao. Legend has it that Empress Dowager Cixi, during the Qing Dynasty, travelled through Pingyao and ordered the local beef dish. She liked it so much that she named the meal as an “Imperial meal”. If you are a meat eater, you should definitely try the Pingyao Beef.

For this, we chose a “slightly beweß∞tter” restaurant; the restaurant at the Yide Hotel. Within the city walls situated in a very attractive timber framed restaurant with an intimate courtyard. The Pingyao beef was delicious. But our tofu dish and freshly made noodles tasted fantastic as well. Recommended. The prices are slightly above the rates of more standard eateries to be found in the busy streets, but still, our bill was only € 17, -. The Yide Hotel is located at No.16 ShangXiang Street, within the old city walls.

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