Kruger park

Kruger park South Africa

Look for the ‘Big Five’ in the Kruger Park! The best known wildlife park in South Africa is loved for its huge variety of species. You can find lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos, which are the ‘big five’. But there are also zebras, wild dogs, hippos, giraffes, crocodiles, baboons, impalas and so much more of the African wild animals.

On safari in the Kruger park

The park is located in the north east of South Africa, at a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg. It’s no less than 380 kilometres long and 60 kilometres wide. The park has a lot of hard surfaced roads on which you can drive around with your (rental) car or camper. A nice way to go on safari. Do you prefer going into the wild nature with a trained ranger? You can go on safari with local guides in a special open safari jeep. With those, you can go off the asphalted routes.

Spend the night in the Kruger Park

The Kruger Park is a park from the government, that means that the South African government decides the service. All parks from the government are under the organisation SANpark’s. Spending the night is the cheapest at one of the approximately 25 camps managed by SANpark’s, called ‘rest camps’. The Kruger Park include also a multitude of private wildlife sanctuaries, though. Here you can stay in a more luxurious lodge and you can book safaris with rangers. The nicest is to experience both, one time on safari on your own and one time with a ranger. That way, you experience the diversity of the Kruger Park in the best way possible.