Les Machines de l’île

Step into the wonderful world of Jules Verne, in this fairy tale like park in Nantes, named Les machines de l’île! A steam spewing mechanical elephant as much as 12 meters high walks around the area and offers you the most surreal ride of your life. Or step into the immense rotating carrousel which reflects the entire world underwater. Mechanical crabs, flying fish, fairy tale like ocean inhabitants and submarines, they all turn into their own attraction in ‘Carrousel des mondes Marins’ which you can move by yourself by the way.

But you also should not miss out on the “Machine Gallery” with its mechanical animals.  You will be amazed by Les Machines de l’île and you will literally step into the science fiction world which Verne could so successfully describe in his famous books.

Jules Verne

All of this happens on the shores of the Loire River, in the birthplace of the 19th century French writer. Jules Verne got famous by novels such as “Around the world in 80 days”. The creators of this artistic project were inspired by the worlds that Verne was writing about, mixed this with the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci and added a bit of industrial history to this, which Nantes is famous for. And… An unrivalled attraction was born.

Are you close to Nantes? Then you can not miss out on ‘Les Machines de l’île’. Kids as well as adults will be amazed. For opening times and fees, please check Les Machines de l’île’s website.