Street food in Bangkok

Street food Bangkok

Street food… unavoidable in Bangkok. The metropolis was once named the most culinary city in the world because the eateries often use fresh products. Fish, meat and vegetables were combined to create the tastiest kind of dishes. The entire day you can see street cooks working hard for the entire Thai population, rich or poor, they all regularly eat “street food”. Having a fear of accidentally putting a friend frog or grilled cricket in your mouth? Here are 4 favourites which you can try without having to worry:

Pad Thai

Stir-fried noodles with chicken and egg or fish, add peanuts, dried shrimp, palm sugar and red peppers to taste.

Khao Niaw Ma Muang

In other words ‘mango with sticky rice’, a popular desert in Thailand.

Thai curries

Who doesn’t know them? Tip: Never opt for the “spicy option”. Thai people are used to their food being a whole lot spicier than ours and will add 5 extra peppers without even questioning it.

Fruit shakes

Not traditional Thai, but very tasty. Please check when this is being prepared and make sure that the shakes are being prepared with water from bottles instead of tap water. Offer your own water bottle if needed.

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