Times Square

Times Square New York

In the middle of Manhattan lies New York’s most famous intersection; Times Square. This iconic place is full of energy. Neon advertisements on large billboards flash towards you, the world’s largest retail chains house their “megastores” here, ABC Studios produces its most important television programs and the famous Naked Cowboy is singing out loud every day. Times Square is the first place to visit during a New York city trip.

New Years Eve Ball Drop on Times Square

Times Square is seen as the heart of Manhattan. Broadway and the rest of the Theater District start at Times Square and its major tourist attractions. And maybe you have seen it in a movie: on New Year’s Eve thousands of people watch the famous “New Year’s Eve Ball Drop” here. A large ball descends along a 23 meter high mast and heralds the new year exactly at midnight. A must see if you were ever in New York around New Year’s!

The square is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue between West 42nd Street and West 47th Street. Every year over 50 million people visit this famous place, including many tourists. Since 2009, a large part of Times Square has been designated as a pedestrian zone and closed off from motorized traffic.

Hotels in New York op Times Square

Times Square is one of the best locations if you are looking for a central hotel in New York. Check out our tips for New York hotels for every budget, including some tips on and around Times Square.