Warsaw Travel information

Warsaw is the colourful capital of Poland and is getting more and more popular as a city break destination. The main highlight is the Old Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is thereby protected. Stroll through the charming streets with shops, street musicians and local pubs. See the palaces and churches inside and out, stop at the war memorials and Jewish graves and wander around in the green city parks.


Culinary Warsaw

Terraces where you can enjoy a coffee, beer or vodka are all over the place. But increasingly, fancy restaurants pop up like mushrooms. A nice addition to the traditional Polish eateries in town. It does not matter if you rather enjoy an authentic game dish or are a fan of organic delights; in the city centre you can find everything. Moreover, the prices are a lot lower than we are used to. For an evening meal with beer or a soft drink you will spend between ten or twelve euro.


Cultural Warsaw

Warsaw has several good museums, a good opportunity for culture worshipers. The museum of Polish composer Chopin is a must for music lovers. The Warsaw Uprising Museum is an interesting addition if you want to know more about the history of this city. And did you know that astronomer Copernicus was also born and raised in Poland? The Copernicus Science Centre, inspired by him, offers you an interactive look into the world of astronomy, in the heart of Warsaw.


War and rebuilding the city

Warsaw has a turbulent history, which is reflected well in the city’s skyline. In World War II, about 85% of the city was systematically bombed by the Germans. After the famous uprising, the Germans had to withdraw from Warsaw, as the Red Army of the Russians was waiting at the other side of the Vistula River. In retaliation, a large part of the city was blown up or set on fire. Nevertheless, the Poles have rebuilt the city rebuilt phenomenally, especially the city centre. The suburbs of Warsaw look a little dull and grey, but the closer you are to the centre, the more modern the buildings will look. The old town with squares and palaces is the icing on the cake during your visit to Warsaw. This portion was rebuilt piece by piece to the colourful, picturesque landmark that it is today.