The two faces of Warsaw

The two faces of Warsaw


In Berlin we jump on the train to Warsaw, about 570 kilometres away. The entire city of Warsaw is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Read here about our visit to this Polish city.

Ich bin ein Berliner Germany

Ich bin ein Berliner


'It's not the destination that counts, it's the journey. “With this wisdom in mind, we start our train journey from Amsterdam to Beijing. In the timespan of around one month we will undertake the famous Trans-Siberian train journey (the first part) and then a piece of Trans-Mongolian Express. Our first stop: Berlin Read more

Trabant-safari in Berlin

Experience our Trabant-safari in Berlin in a 360 degrees movie!


One of the most original ways to see Berlin, is by driving around in an old-fashioned Trabant! Discover the city in this East German 'toy car' (well, that's what it looks like) and see all of Berlins famous highlights. Check out what a Trabi-safari is like in this 360-degrees video of the tour.

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