Australia is a paradise for backpackers, nature lovers, camper travelers and adventurers. Whether you are making an unforgettable family trip with the family or moving your boundaries during a backpack trip while hopping from job to job, Australia leaves an indelible impression behind. We made our first trip Downunder in 2004 and returned this year for the fourth time to discover a new part of the immense country.
Australia’s versatility makes this destination suitable for any type of traveler. Go diving at the Great Barrier Reef, learn surfing in hippie towns on the east coast, discover the magical red heart at Ayers Rock and camp in the Outback. Spot kangaroos and koala’s on the Great Ocean Road, explore Sydney’s metropolis, organize a ‘barbie’ with your new travel friends, go hiking through the rainforest and be surprised by the hospitality of the friendly Ozzies.

To get a good impression of the vast Australia, you need a long sabbatical or will you have to make some choices. This continent is simply too big to be fully explored in one vacation. Even backpackers will have to prioritize to enjoy a trip. Globe-Hopper helps you with making your choices and have created the best itineraries for you. So you can fall in love with the wonderfully relaxed Australia.

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