The 20,000-kilometer Great Wall, the impressive Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, near-extinct pandas in Chengdu, rice terraces along the beautiful Li River in Yangshuo, the cinematic Avatar mountains in Zhangjiajie, bustling cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, the most beautiful temples and pagodas, the mysterious Tibet and the delicious Chinese cuisine … that’s just a handful of reasons why China should be on your travel bucket list.

The vast country offers enormous diversity and stimulates all your needs, whether you’re especially looking for culture, nature or for adventure. there is a nice trip for every budget; you can include aircraft, high-speed bullet trains and combine the slow and inexpensive local trains together.

We travelled through China for six weeks and noticed that it was difficult to choose between all the sites. Check out our travel schedule and tips on how to get from A to B in various locations, which helps to determine the route that best suits your interests, time and budget.

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Time travel in China; an introduction to historic Beijing, Pingyao and Xi’an