India is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. Colourful, intense and full of cultural treasures, from the most diverse natural reservations and full of contradictions. From chaotic metropolises to widely stretched tea plantations and from mysterious temple complexes to mountains and deserts; here you will find all of it.

India is a destination for the more experienced traveller. Visit Asia for the first time and you might suffer from a culture shock and maybe you are not just yet prepared for that. However, do not let this scare you away from this immense and diverse country. Go explore outside of the big cities and soon you will find out that the people are friendly and helpful. The variation of a rich culture, excellent cuisine, wildlife parks, plateaus, sand dunes, vast lakes, woods and a beautiful coast line are just a few of the ingredients which India will enchant you with.

Which part of India you will visit depends on the period in which you’re traveling and the amount of time that you have. We discovered the north in the hottest time of the year, with highlights such as the cultural Rajasthan, the mysterious Varanasi and the mountains of Darjeeling.

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