Picturesque landscapes, beautiful old towns, lakes and mountains, royal palaces and castles; Poland offers you a very versatile holiday destination. Places such as Warsaw and Krakow are becoming increasingly popular. A good combination with this would be a visit to Auschwitz if you want to know the history of war in Poland. Within two hours you can fly directly to these cities for a few hundred euros. Perfect as a city trip! But a road trip is also a great way to get to know the country.

Inexpensive city trip to Poland

Warsaw and Krakow are cosy, colourful and totally hip cities. Both destinations can be combined well with each other and are about 300 kilometres apart. Auschwitz, near Krakow, offers you an impressive look in the concentration and extermination camps of the Second World War. But also you will find the most beautiful churches, cathedrals, royal palaces and a real salt mine in and around the cities. Moreover, you can enjoy the most delicious food and the food in cosy restaurants will often cost you no more than 10 euro. For two euros you can drink a local beer or glass of vodka at a trendy terrace!

Something less known is the historic port city of Gdansk, on the beautiful Baltic coast. And also the student city of Toruń is becoming more populair with its photogenic city centre that, just like Krakow and Warsaw is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Visit the natural parks

Poland has as many as 23 national parks. One of the best is the National Park Narwiansk, full of rivers and bogs. Numerous species of birds come together here and you can enjoy some real kayaking trips. Also impressive is the Slowinski National Park, famous for its white sand dunes which are being pushed up for up to ten metres out of the ocean by the waves. The Tatra Mountains separate Poland and Slovakia and it is a wonderful ski area. Or visit the primeval forest of Bialowieza or the 2,000 lakes in the Masurian Lake District. Plenty of choice for a very diverse holiday!


The two faces of Warsaw