United States

The United States of America have an enormous diversity of landscapes and cities. From trendy New York to the European vibe of San Francisco. From the red rocks from Bruce Canyon to the panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. From the white beaches on the Florida Keys to the sumptuous mountains in the White and Grand Mountains. And everything else in between…

‘The States’, as it’s called most often by Americans, make the third biggest country on earth. Of course, it’s impossible to visit it in one vacation. The travel distances are often enormous, but because there is so much to see on the way, it makes your travels very special.

Do you choose the variety of a ‘road trip’ through the American West Coast, are you going to visit theme parks in Florida, will it be a city trip or a journey by car or camper? Or do you go off the road and choose for the states that don’t border the mainland; Alaska or Hawaii? Be inspired by the tips and travel routes and choose the vacation through America that fits you.