Travel route Thailand in 3 weeks

Travel route Thailand in 3 weeks

Bangkok Day 1 to 4

Start your trip in Bangkok, to get acclimatized for a few days. Book 3 nights for a pleasant start.

In any case explore the Grand Royal Palace, a few temples and the floating market. Also a bicycle tour through Bangkok is a must. Are you a backpacker? Then you should not miss out on the touristy but bustling Khao San Road.

Grand Royal Palace Bangkok e1457302535954
Bridge on the River Kwai & the Death Railway

Kanchanaburi day 4 to 6

Book a trip to the River Kwai River Kwai (Kanchanaburi), 2 nights.

Explore the jungle, take a boat trip on the river and immerse yourself in the history of the famous Bridge on the River Kwai. You can spend the night here in an adventurous floating hotel!

Chiang Mai day 6 to 11

Return to Bangkok or to Ayutthaya. From both cities you can take the night train to Chiang Mai, it will take 1 night.

Explore the mountains and meet local tribes in Chiang Mai area, 4 nights.

Chiang Mai is the ideal place to go hiking, to go bathing with elephants in a river, to go rafting and as a base for other outdoor sporting activities. But the temples and markets in the charming town itself are worth a visit as well.

Chiangmai en de bergen e1455737710935
Phuket e1456765440900

Phuket day 11 to 13

Take a domestic flight from Chiang Mai to the south, the easiest hub is Phuket, 2 nights

The peninsula of Phuket offers more than just ‘party destination’ Patong. Outside the city you will find white sandy beaches with a wide choice of luxury resorts. From Phuket visit the beautiful islands of  Koh Phi Phi and James Bond Island.

Khao Sok day 13 to 15

Khao Sok, explore the area from one of the jungle camps, two nights.

A beautifully vast rainforest that is home to many tropical species, from elephants and gibbon apes to hornbills.

Khao Sok National Park e1456763008984
Krabi Thailand Ko Hong e1456769944946

Beach Day 15 until 21

Beach; Conclude your trip with a visit to the beach of  Krabi, Phuket of Koh Samui, 6 nights.

The best choice for your beach destination depends upon your travel period and what appeals to you. For every beach location there is a best time for travel. Koh Samui is a good choice for bounty beaches with a great choice of restaurants and cafes. Moreover, you can travel to the smaller scaled Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Krabi is ideal for nature lovers; high limestone rock formations rise out of the sea. Phuket is the best choice if you want to get totally pampered in a luxury resort, with its own private beach.

Of course, there are even more choices for the real adventurers.

Total including night flight on the outward journey: 20 nights / 21 days

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